This  projects are related to Internet and connectivity, both are only my own theorizations and ideas that maybe with time can evolve to a Startups and companies. 

1) Global digital data market (GDDM)

I intend to create a network that mixes the typical infrastructure of online social interaction with the common host of files in the cloud with the sole purpose or objective of forming a large online market on any aspect that in real life can generate economic value for third parties and that can be transformed and stored digitally.

In short, unify a global data market.

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2) Global necessities market (GNM)

I want to create an efficient, safe and dynamic system capable of providing solutions to a myriad of problems affecting all business independently of the niche to which it belongs. 

Therefore, it is essential to create a direct connection system between all companies capable to reduce the maximum all the internal costs. 

A pure traffic structure  of necessities exclusively for companies