Who I am? 

  • My name is Arturo I.M , I am a european citizen from the Kingdom of Spain . I have 23 years old, I am law student and currently I am preparing some public examinations  to work for the Gov. 
  • Knowledge: Spanish law & European Law. / English language , Spanish , learning russian in my free time. All related about domain names , I love Internet and cryptography .
  • Personality:   I am an open-minded person , methodical, persistent and with futuristic perspective. 
  • Political Ideas:  Globalist 
  • Partnership in the project  . There are not other members . I am alone

What I am looking? I am looking a individual investor , a company or a group of developers that want to make profits with my ideas.  If you are interested to meet me you can use Twitter or the contact form. We can talk or chat directly and I can share with you more notes.