This  project is related to Internet and connectivity, is only my own theorization and idea that maybe with time can evolve to a Startup and company.  You are free to read it.

(Global Necessities Market) & Minimum Interaction Theory PRJ.

The  world in which we live is configured under certain parameters of human  interaction, certain routines or behaviors that every individual share  despite their specific peculiarities. This also happens with companies  or businesses in all corners of the planet. A business is created to  fulfill a specific purpose, if it does not succeed it is closed, it is  inefficient. We cannot say that a human life is inefficient at complete,  but we can reduce the efficiency to human acts in particular. 

Usually  that inefficiency is solved applying a collaborative advantage; current  technology can help them “Individuals & companies” to get it.  Success in the global economy derives not just from meeting high  standards for competition in world contests, but also from strong  relationships-networks that link the global necessities market. 

Networks come in many forms. There are consortia of similar companies within an industry, pooling resources for a mutual service; Joint Ventures that link companies with different assets in pursuit of single opportunity; and supplier-customer partnerships  that stretch across the supply chain. For the success all of them the  fact of having a good relationship between members is the essence to  make deals. 

Compatibility, trust and communication determine whether relationship succeed or fail.  

Today  countries and companies spend billions to create those networks keep  and strengthen them in long term, all of them are focused to solve a  particular issue. An example can be the OPEC (Organization of the  Petroleum Exporting Countries) that cooperates to reduce market  competition of Petroleum.  

This  kind of networks can be applied in a intergovernmental,  governmental  and non-governmental (between companies and individuals) way,  for  multiple objectives such as reduction of competition, costs, time during  a productive process etc... 

All  of them are focused in the final result, in achieving the objective by  which the network has been created. That is the essence of this project  or new network, make the links of all those networks efficient. Reducing  at minimum the costs generated by economic interactions. 

With  the current technology, is possible to create an efficient, safe and  dynamic system capable to provide solutions for all the main departments  of a government, company, institution or business. For each new  necessity there is a solution provided by the current market but is  necessary to fix some issues. (risks, uncertainty, delay and expenses).  

The global market can be dangerous and risky, so what can be the best  way to fix that uncertainty? 

Of course, the creation of a new digital network to solve it.  

Simplification of processes and cost reduction represent the two essential pillars that every company seeks. The excessive departmentalization of the business structure and administrative bureaucracy brings with it a series of problems that result in an unnecessary cost for the business owner.

Delegation of functions, communication, purchases, sales, contracts, financing, bureaucracy, contracting. It is possible to completely computerize a physical business and join it to a new network where any type of business is able to interact and reduce its costs.


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We should destroy all walls and build better bridges. 

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